About Us

Our Philosophy.

Cimbresh Investments (PTY) LTD understands that customers have their own individual requirements and that a single product based supplier cannot fulfil all of their diverse needs. This is where Cimbresh Investments meet your requirements. We are committed to meeting the needs of all our customers in the most cost effective and quality efficient way. As a leading independent service & products supplier, we are free to choose the best prices without compromising our belief in quality and customer service.


Our objectives are to assist clients with various implementations of their projects, and we have confidence in our ability to generate the consensus and commitments necessary to succeed. We are prepared to stand behind our recommendations and to assist our clients with obtaining appropriate approvals to proceed.


Founded in 2013, Cimbresh Investments (PTY) LTD trading as BMC General Dealer and Supplies is a reputable import/export trading company and domestic bulk ingredient supplier. A family-owned company, supported by a staff with more than 10 years of combined industry experience, BMC General and Supplies, supplies a full line of Premium Quality products including branding and marketing products, Test tools, Payphones, copper fiber cables, power cables and the buying of scrap metals.

From our beginning we have been committed to providing the industry worldwide with Premium Quality products. We have been successful in establishing long-term business and personal relationships with companies and individuals that share and practice the mutual belief that honesty, integrity, and reliability are very important to everyone’s success. Our Director went on a familiarization tour to the factories in China, Dubai and Thailand to see and have firsthand experience on the manufacturing of this products and we have been appointed distribution agencies for branding and marketing product, telecoms items, and food processing and household items by this companies. We speak and present with confidence.

These relationships have allowed us to become a role player in the import/export industry, as well as a leading specialty items supplier in Swaziland.

We are able to service our customers’ needs with two main categories of Products: specialized industrial commodities and household items. Our expertise in these product categories is strengthened by having worldwide connections with an extensive network of producers and suppliers who share our belief in long-standing relationships and trust, together with supplying premium quality products. Our organic products are certified by world recognized and USDA accredited certification agency, Quality Assurance International, Inc. We are also Non-GMO Project Verified.
Through a concentrated effort and determined purpose, we are confident that we will provide our customers with the Best Value - Quality, Service and Price – for their ingredient needs with better service, higher quality products, and faster response time. At the same time, we aim to meet the needs of our producers and suppliers as a valuable, licensed and bonded, customer.